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Disappointed? Read this article about Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo, a Portuguese-born expert footballer, who played for Manchester United and persisted his career with Real Madrid. winner of the Golden Ball award.

About Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo was born on February 5, 1985 in the city of Funchal, Madeira,Portugal. Manchester United paid £12 million to sign a contract with Ronaldo in 2003, which is a record for the player at that age. In the 2004 FA Cup final, Ronaldo scored the first three goals for Manchester United and helped them win the championship. In 2008, Ronaldo scored a franchise record in scoring goals. In 2009, Real Madrid paid a record $ 131 million for its services.

The beginnings of Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro was borned On February 5, 1985, in the city of Funchal, Madeira, Portugal, on a small island off the west coast of the country, Ronaldo is the youngest of four children born of Maria Dolores dos Santos and Jose Dinis Aveiro. Ronaldo took his name from one of his father’s favorite characters, Ronald Reagan.

Ronaldo grew up in a working-class neighborhood on a large area, in a tin-roofed house overlooking the ocean. His early life was hardship, his father was a gardener and he often drank alcohol and died eventually Due to kidney problems in 2005 .His mother worked as a cook in order to raise her children.

Cristiano Ronaldo ‘s achievements

Thanks to his father’s job as an equipment manager at a youth club, Ronaldo was first introduced to football. During the 10-year-old period, where he was already known to be a weird phenomenon – he lived for that sport. “All he wanted to do was play football,” said his spiritual father, Vernao Sousa, to British reporters. “He loved the sport so much that he missed meals or ran away from the window of his room with a ball when he was supposed to Do his homework “.

At the beginning of his adolescence, Ronaldo’s talent grew considerably. After a long time with Nacional da liha da Madeira, Ronaldo signed a contract with Sporting Portugal in 2001. In the same year, he drew attention to his outstanding performances against Manchester United, dazzling opponents with his sharp foot movements and skill . Gave the impression that United had asked their manager to sign a contract with the young player. It was not long before the club paid Manchester United 13 million pounds for Ronaldo’s services – a record for a player of that age.

Ronaldo did not disappoint the world of football. Ronaldo made his promise early in the 2004 FA Cup final, scoring his first three goals and helping them win the championship. In 2008, one year after signing the £31m contract, Ronaldo once again showed up for a high salary when he made one of the club’s best seasons in history, scoring a record of 42 goals, Has been named FIFA World Player of the Year Honorary Player of the Year.

In general, Ronaldo has helped steer Manchester United to three league titles. But Ronaldo’s time in England was marred by his mother’s 2007 conflict with breast cancer, and his father’s death from alcohol-related illness. The news of his father’s death was difficult because the two were close, as the young athlete often pushed his father into a rehabilitation center and treated his problems with alcohol. However, his father did not accept this offer.

As much as he praised the way Ronaldo played on the pitch for Manchester United, but his commitment to the club was under constant question. Where speculation has spread that he wants to play elsewhere. So in 2009, no one was surprised to see Ronaldo leave United when Real Madrid agreed to pay a record $ 131 million for a contract.

“I know they will ask a lot to be successful in this club and I know I will be much more stressed than I was at Manchester United because I spent so many years there,” Ronald told reporters. But that means a new challenge, and this will help me to become the best football player in the world. ”

In addition to winning this year’s FIFA World Player of the Year, Ronaldo also won the FIFA Golden Ball, the Golden Boot, and the UEFA Club of the Year, among many titles he earned during his career.

On July 10, 2016, Ronaldo added another impressive win to his awards, Portugal leading the European Championship final against France as captain of his national team. Although Ronaldo was removed from the game after a knee injury 20 minutes into the game, Portugal continued to win the championship with a 1-0 win, their first international win. Where Ronaldo’s colleagues said he had spurred them out of reserve duty as captain.

“This is one of the happiest moments in my career, I have always said that I want to win an award with the national team and to make history, and now that I have done it, thank God, things went well for us.”

In January 2017, Ronaldo won the FIFA 2016 Player of the Year award for the fourth time.

Ronaldo’s 2016 victories include the European Championship, the Champions League, the World Cup Club, as well as individual awards from the European Union and France Football, according to USA Today.

The life of Cristiano Ronaldo

Ronaldo had a relationship with Russian fashion model Irina Shayik between 2010 and 2015.

Ronaldo’s son was born on June 17, 2010,and named him Cristiano, but he did not reveal the identity of the child’s mother.

Quick facts about Cristiano Ronaldo

  • Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro was named after the president of the United States, Ronald Reagan, who’s dad was very impressed with him.
  • Cristiano is the youngest child of Jose Dinis Aveiro and his wife, Maria Dolores dos Santos Aveiro.
  • 130 km per hour is Ronaldo’s free kick speed.
  • Ronaldo’s talent appeared at the age of eleven.
  • Ronaldo performs 3,000 exercises a day.
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