Who is Muhammad (pbuh)? is the final Messenger of God

Who is Muhammad (pbuh)? One in each 5 individuals on this earth firmly believes that the Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh) is the final Messenger of God. He was a Muslim and there are greater than 1.three billion such Muslims at this time.

Not solely people however complete international locations take delight in declaring their allegiance to him. There are 54 such Muslim states at this time, starting from these as giant as Indonesia and Bangladesh, with populations of 200 and 125 million respectively, to these as tiny because the Maldives or Brunei with populations of 230,000 and 260,000. Even in non-Muslim international locations, giant Muslim populations represent important minorities; as a lot as 120 million in India and 20 million in China.

Certainly, inside the final half century, Islam, the faith introduced by the Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh), has turn out to be the second largest faith in most European international locations, as additionally in America and Canada.

Black and white, purple and yellow, followers of the Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh) come from all human races. Whether or not in Asia or Europe, Africa or America, in each nook and cranny of this globe, you might be certain to seek out Muslims. They reside in probably the most superior, sprawling megalopolis in addition to in probably the most primitive nomadic tent, village, hamlet, and even within the bush.

As now so all the time, down the centuries, throughout the planet, from finish to finish, billions and billions of women and men have lived all their lives, loving the Prophet (Pbuh) and making an attempt to comply with in his footsteps, as nobody else has been so liked and adopted. They’ve lived and died, believed and acted, married and raised households, worshipped and dominated, made conflict and peace, even eaten and dressed, walked and slept, simply as he did or taught them to do.

Certainly, by no means in historical past has a person influenced mankind, even past his dying, so deeply and so pervasively as he has. He brings gentle and peace to numerous hearts and lives. Muslims love him extra dearly than their very own selves. In him they discover their biggest supply of inspiration and steering. He’s the final word norm and the right instance for them. Religion in Allah and His Messenger is their mainstay and Allah is their chief supply of assist and luxury in all private vicissitudes and tribulations. To him additionally they look to steer them by way of social and political turmoil. He has all the time impressed them to better and better heights of non secular and ethical upliftment and civilizational achievements. And nonetheless does.

Briefly, Muslims consider that by way of him, a human like themselves, God has spoken to them, and guided him to reside amongst them, setting an instance and a mannequin for all occasions to return. Even at this time he motivates and induces entire populations to yearn and try to form their non-public lives, politics and insurance policies in response to Allah’s teachings.

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